Photo credit: David Berman

Tania O’Donnell (née Ahsan) is a senior editor working in print and digital mediums. She has previously edited Tandoori magazine for Subcontinent Publishing, Prediction magazine for Time Inc, Kindred Spirit for Metropolis Media Group and the African Business Journal for George Media. She was launch editorial director on Feast publications. She has also edited both commercial and editorial supplements for Metro newspaper focusing on subjects such as food & drink, property and education. She has edited legal commercial and property precedents websites and books for Thomson Reuters’ Sweet & Maxwell imprint. She is currently editor for the Quality Food Awards brand.

Her work as a freelance journalist has included covering travel, food & drink, interiors, alternative therapies and the arts, among other subjects, for national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian, Metro and Easyjet Traveller.

She has also edited books for Watkins Publishing Ltd, commissioning best-selling authors and delivering several illustrated and mono non-fiction titles including a number of children’s books. She is considered a Mind, Body, Spirit expert having written about and commissioned in the subject over several years.

As an author, she has ghostwritten for Harpercollins before writing several books under her maiden name. The first under her married name is A History of Courtship, out now with Pen & Sword books. She is currently working on a book on suffragettes for the same historical publisher.

In February 2018 she will launch an online magazine called HappilyTania, which covers everything to do with domestic life including interiors, decluttering, relationships and entertaining.

You can find her on Twitter at @Tan_OD and on Instagram at @HappilyTania. If you’d like to connect on Linkedin, her profile is here.