Big love for BackCounter

Vauxhall isn’t somewhere I would normally drink. It has always reminded me too much of the seedy clubs I would frequent as a youngster and perhaps also of the sort of area found in crime dramas where the body of a young woman is found down an alley by a dumpster. But it turned out, much like many things in my brain, it was out of date information. Over the last six or seven years, Vauxhall has rebranded itself as Voho, the hip new gay centre of London with art galleries, bars and fun a-go-go.bc-interior

So this summer Gary and I ended one date night by taking up an offer to try cocktails at BackCounter Lounge, Counter restaurant’s self-described ‘little, naughty and very versatile brother’. While aimed at the LGBTQ+ community, this welcoming cocktail bar is also a great draw for those looking for brilliant entertainment or excellent drinks.

img_2052We immediately fell in love with the classy atmosphere, the delicious drinks and the fabulous bar staff. You can tell how much quality matters to them in terms of the drinks offering they have and I did swoon quite a bit looking at some of the bottles they had behind the bar. If you want a really good rum or bourbon, this is the place to come.

Every drink Gary liked the sound of came out looking like Carmen Miranda on acid, which, because we were already a bit tipsy, caused us much merriment. This is definitely a place I’d recommend and will be visiting again very soon.

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