Skulls at Samhain

Happy new year! Samhain is the start of the Celtic new year and I hope you and yours have a very happy, blessed year ahead.

skullsourcebookI’ve been meaning to put up a mention of my brilliant friend Adele Nozedar’s new book for some time now, but Samhain or Halloween seems to be the most apt time for doing it. For this is also the time that we remember our honoured dead and send blessings out to our ancestors. Adele’s new book is called Skull Sourcebook and contains over 500 skulls found in art and culture.

She begins with an exercise that I suggest everyone does once in life, which is to gently give your own skull a bit of a feel through your skin. We completely forget that we’re essentially meat-covered skeletons with skulls of our own. Remember that wonderful internet meme: “You’re a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust. What do you have to be afraid of?”

Choccywoccydoodah window display in The Lanes, Brighton

Choccywoccydoodah window display in The Lanes, Brighton

The book then goes on to give a rundown of some of the best skulls imagery out there in the shape of tattoos, artwork, history, religion and popular culture. The words ‘lavishly illustrated’ are often overused, but they apply very well here as this really is a visual treat. Adele even includes the chocolate skulls used by Choccywoccydoodah in their Halloween/gothic themed creations. I had the pleasure of seeing their Halloween window last month when we were in Brighton. What’s not to like about a chocolate skull? And now I’m off to feed my skull copious amounts of chocolate.

Have a wonderful Samhain and don’t forget some midnight margaritas.

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  1. I just had a good old feel of my skull – weird! And yes – I’m all over eating skulls if they are made of chocolate! In fact, what a great idea for Halloween – there must be some moulds you can buy to make skull chocolate….

    • Oooo… that’s an idea for next year! This year I’ve just been eating all the Halloween sweets we bought for trick-or-treaters and having too many margaritas, which is my go-to celebration cocktail. Hope you and the kids have a great one tonight! x

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