Gluten-free brunch

Okay, so most of us are bummed about the US election and about Leonard Cohen dying so what to do with a problem like right now? Avocado. No, seriously, I think avocados are the answer to any ailment. I love those green pears of joy. Can you get avocado sweats?

I was grumbling to Gary about a scene in First Dates the other night. A lass on it asked what was gluten-free on the menu and they cut to the bloke’s face looking as if she were being a picky or faddy eater. That’s really not very fair. If you’re a coeliac then gluten affects you terribly and asking for a gluten-free alternative is not being a fusspot, but a medical necessity. I am not a coeliac, but I do find that gluten-free bread sits better with me. Not entirely sure why, but it does.

uk_wholesome-vitality-loaf_2016_300dpiSo I was pleased to try Schar’s new Wholesome Vitality Loaf (available from Tesco’s at £2.60 RRP). It’s made with quinoa, chestnut and sorghum and has sunflower seeds and linseeds in it for an extra fibre punch. It’s suitable for vegans too. I liked the nuttiness of it, but it does still have the post-eating mouthfeel that isn’t unpleasant but feels odd if you’re used to ordinary bread. I found the way around that was to slather it with avocado. While summer might be the time that avocado comes into its own, I need to have it all year round and this bout of naughty unseasonal eating is made better by the healthy bread I’m putting it on. I would recommend this one as some other gluten-free breads I’ve eaten taste like existential disappointment in baked goods form.

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