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I’ve been trying to cut down on my sugar intake, which is far harder for me than I thought it would be. Cutting out desserts and sugary snacks has been very easy since I don’t really have masses of those anyway, but the one area in which I always fall off the wagon is booze. The sugar content in wine can be quite high, depending on the wine – and not just for fortified wines. So I remember thinking the idea behind Skinny Champagne by Thomson & Scott was a good one. I’ll admit that I didn’t hold out high hopes because generally anything that says ‘skinny’ on the label tends to put my hackles up, but, boy, was I pleased to be proved wrong. It is delicious and stands up to many champagnes that I regularly drink. I’ve now pretty much made it my go-to champagne if I’m on a health tip although Billecart-Salmon remains my ‘devil-may-care’ favourite.

When the company launched a skinny prosecco, again exclusively at Selfridges, I was pleased to find it was also a great example of that wine. It only contains 7g of sugar per litre (around 50% of that found in more traditional versions) and just 67 calories per glass. It’s vegan and organic. At £17.99, it wasn’t prohibitive price-wise and I was quite happy to buy it when economising and not doing champagne.

However, there was a wee problem. When I open a bottle, I finish a bottle. I laughed when someone bought me a sparkling wine stopper thingy. Friends are so aware of this trait that I have actually been sent home on the train with the rest of the bottle with some foil over the top… (thanks, Poorna) so, even though the Skinny Prosecco is lighter in sugar and calories, excess is still achievable in the ordinary bottle size. This will no longer plague me!

The company has just launched Skinny Prosecco Minis at £6 a 20cl pop bottle or £30 for a case of six with branded straws. It’s a really elegant way to drink less, cut down on sugar and calories, and enjoy a really decadent, delicious wine. I’m very on board with this sort of moderation.

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  1. What a great idea – love it! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for this one.

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