Published Features

Tania O’Donnell has more than 20 years’ experience writing for national newspapers and magazines on an eclectic range of subjects. She has written literally thousands of published articles. Below are pictures of a select few of her features and reviews. Please connect with Tania on Linkedin if you have a project in mind and would like a pdf of her cuttings.


Moroccan interiors feature for Metro’s Home section.


Leftovers feature with interviews from top chefs for Metro’s Eat section.



How to make boozy lollies for Metro’s Home section.


How to make boozy cakes with recipe development for Metro’s Home section


Travel feature on cattle mustering by helicopter in Australia for Metro’s Travel page



An example of the literary author interviews in Metro – in this case, Susan Hill.



Feature debunking the famed prosecco shortage story in 2016.


Review of the Hockney Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts for Positive News.

Feature on returning to work at your old workplace for Office Hours in the Guardian.

Feature on using terms of endearment in the office for Office Hours in the Guardian. The rights for this feature were bought for a business anthology by Pearson.

A travel feature for Metro on flamingo spotting near Noto in Sicily, April 2016.