The only PR book you’ll ever need

Throughout my career I’ve had this fantasy that one day I’d be walking to work and some incredible Svengali character would leap from the shadows, declare “kid, I’m gonna make you a star!”, and then proceed to ensure I had stratospheric success. I know, I know, Svengali was a villain, but the lad got shit done.

Alas, that is not the way of the world. You have to work at your PR and marketing as much as you your actual work. No-one can ride in and do it for you – even if you can afford PR representation, you will still need to brief that person or company about the outcomes you want. Now, thankfully, there is a book to help you with that. A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend Sangeeta Waldron launched her book The PR Knowledge Book at the Taj hotel in town.

As part of the night I interviewed her about how she came to write the book and what readers could expect from it. With humour and good grace, she put up with my attempts to derail her insistence that companies have to engage with social media in this day and age. As you know, I am very ambivalent about the whole thing and currently I only do Linkedin in a very desultory way. Sangeeta indicated her gorgeous, clever son Rory who is wise beyond his years and who she said is a complete digital native. As his generation become adults, they will not trust companies that don’t engage properly with their audiences and part of that is social media. I bow to her greater knowledge on this, but won’t be returning to Twitley or Duckface any time soon.

The book does have things for dinosaurs like me though as there are brilliant bits on personal branding, on crisis management and putting together documents such as a press release. It is a very comprehensive read. I highly recommend companies and entrepreneurs – big and small – get a copy and get going on PR. Then, when that Svengali character leaps from the shadows, you can say ‘chill, bruv, I already got this’.