Join Bookmachine for wisdom a-go-go

Last month I did a wee talk online for Bookmachine, a group for publishing professionals. If you’re not already a member, I would highly recommend joining up. There is masses on there from connecting with industry pros to learning more about how to progress in publishing, the founder Laura Summers has created a wonderful resource.

My talk was on public speaking for their Wednesday Wisdom lunchtime sessions. It was amended slightly to include presenting online since it may be a bit of time before we’re back to public speaking. I realised, watching it back, that I am incapable of finishing a complete sentence. I must be a nightmare to transcribe. However, the encouraging thing was that if someone as scatter-brained as me can do a significant amount of public speaking, then so can anyone.

Here are a few top tips for presenting online (to watch the complete talk, you’ll have to join Bookmachine):

  1. Turn off your phone and the phones of anyone who will be within earshot of the mic.
  2. Close any windows in case of car alarms, children playing, neighbours yelling.
  3. Ensure the light is in front of you and not behind you.
  4. Keep water and tissues close by so you don’t have to go get them if you need them.
  5. Tell everyone in your household what you’re doing so they can answer the house phone or the doorbell and keep the door locked in case of younger children wandering in.
  6. Check what is behind you and within shot – but don’t over-style your background as that is as distracting as a messy one. Best to stick to as plain as you can manage so that your audience keeps their attention on what you’re saying.
  7. If it goes badly, do another one. And another one. Until nerves and bad sessions are things of the past.