Sleep in a time of Perimenopause

So this year has been odd. No, not that pandemic nonsense, my body deciding to kick off against me. At least that’s what the perimenopause feels like. Things that I knew to be true about myself no longer are so. For example, my incredibly good memory is shot to hell and I am now finding it hard to remember how I wanted to finish a sentence, much less what I walked into a room to get. My skin used to be so good that I barely needed to remember to moisturise, but now it is like kindling dry and needs vast amounts of cream slathered on it for daily comfort. Worst of all, I – the girl who once fell asleep on top of speakers at a nightclub – often can’t get to sleep.

Anyone who has suffered from insomnia knows how awful it is. You’re exhausted, but sleep won’t come. You don’t know whether to get up and do something to make yourself even more tired or if you should stay put and at least rest your physical body if not your racing mind. So it was with some relief that I received a sleep bundle from Health & Her. This is a company specialising in supplements and aids for women going through ‘The Change’. By the way I feel like we should bring back this old-fashioned way of referring to the menopause as it brings to mind a sort of terrifying idea of a women turning into a winged serpent, eating her mate for sustenance, and then flying up through the night sky to cackle at the moon (which is definitely on my to do list for the menopause proper).

However, I have tried sleep supplements before and didn’t hold out much hope. I felt like they were psychological placebos mostly and thought only scary pharmaceuticals worked. I find pills to sleep, wake or not feel bad, scary; not because I am anti-medicine by any means, but because I prefer prevention to cure. So I am always looking for more natural interventions on health stuff.

Anyhoo, this bundle was the bomb. (Can you tell I’m middle-aged by my use of awesome slang? Can you?) It comprises a sleep supplement in capsule form, some self-heating eye masks and a sleep balm. It’s also currently on special offer of £26.99 and even cheaper if you sign up to a monthly subscription. The best thing in the bundle was the self-heating sleep masks. You unwrap it and put it over your eyes and it releases this lovely lavender-y smell (though not heavily lavender, more gentle spa smell). It then through some sort of science/magick combo heats up and feels lovely on your eyes. It’s very relaxing, especially so for someone who strains their eyes all day long on a computer screen. I put it on, let it relax my eyes for a few minutes and then removed it for a restful sleep.

That spa scent is also there on the sleep balm, which you rub on your pressure points to get you off to sleep. I tried it on both myself and the winged serpent food aka my husband and we both nodded off almost immediately. Full disclosure, the masks and the balm worked so well that I have not yet had call to use the supplement extensively. I did once just to try it out and I slept fine, but I haven’t used it regularly enough to say whether it was the supplement or just my own body giving me a break that got me to sleep.

So, the tl;dr review is that the self-heating sleep masks are great and will get you off to sleep if you’re struggling. The balm is very pleasant too. No idea if the supplement works. Done. I’m off to practise cackling at the moon…

Note: I was sent a sleep bundle by Health & Her to review. This is valued at £31.99. I received no other payment and my review is a fair and independent opinion on the efficacy of the products.